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Save Jax

About a year and a half ago I started working with Australian Shepherds Furever. Here at The Paw Patch we have been able to train and rehabilitate 6 rescues from ASF and related groups during this time. These dogs come to us with many different issues and over the course of 1-3 months we have been able to rehab them to the point that they were able to be adopted.

Jax is a special case. He was sent to us in September of 2016. He has neurological damage due to being beaten with a chain before he was originally surrendered as a Juvenile Dog. He then was housed in a “Shelter” where due to his unpredictability he never set a foot outside for fear one of the handlers would have problems with him. This went on for too long before one of the employees got him to ASF and eventually to The Paw Patch. He is not eligible for adoption, and has been turned down by several sanctuaries because he is unable to be paired with other dogs.

I told ASF that I will donate the land to build JAX his own private sanctuary and food for the rest of his life. What we need is to raise the funds for the sanctuary construction and Jax’s annuals, heart guard and Flea preventative.  This is Jax’s last option. Providing we can raise the funds, we will be building an outdoor area with an adjacent run so he can see other dogs, but there won’t be any direct contact. He will have a run inside as well for night time and inclement weather.

The total project and vet expenses will run about $8,000.00. We are looking for your help in donating to JAX. All donations are tax deductible. Donations can be given through GoFundMe, checks given to The Paw Patch, or mailed to ASF to the “HELP SAVE JAX” fund. If you would like to contribute for specific items we can make that happen as well, such as a 1-year supply of Heartguard or Advantix II. Anything that you can give will help this little guy who had such a bad start.

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