What we charge

Our Rates

Boarding & Training Rates


Dog Overnight Stay $35

Overnight Additional Dog Same Family $30

Pre-Paid Packages

*Package must be purchased in advance

Dog – 10 nights $310

Dog – 20 nights $500

Boarding PickUp & Delivery (each way)​
$40/1st dog
$30/2nd dog (same family)
Max distance 30 miles

Cat Overnight Stay $23

Overnight Additional Cat Same Family $20

Dog Training

Basic Training
$135/6 weeks 

1 hour a week on Thursday evenings

Intermediate Training $135

Competition Training $135

Puppy Training
(puppy stays at trainer’s home)
9 weeks to 6 months old
$1260/2 weeks

Boot Camp
7 months old & up
2 Weeks Min $1400/2wks

Board Training
7 months old & up
1 Week Min $525/wk

Private Lessons at the PawPatch: $135/hr

In-Home Private Lessons
First visit $150.00 Includes:
30-minute evaluation and discussion plus 1-hour training

Second visit & beyond $100.00/hr

Special Training Available – Call for Info

Play Care

Single Day – Full Day $23/day

Half Day $12
4hrs or less (AM or PM)

Pre-Paid Packages

*Package must be purchased in advance

10-Day Package $207
Full Day ($20.70/day)

20-Day Package $370
Full Day ($18.50/day)

Grooming Rates


$45 and up

10 pounds and under short hair and go up from there.

Baths include customized shampoo for your dog’s skin and coat. Coat conditioner, Anal glands drained, ears cleaned. Towel and Blow dry. Brush and or furminate, and nail trim.


$60 and up

10 pounds and under with no mats and go up from there..

Haircuts include: Bath (See Baths) and trim.

We do not brush out Mats. We will if they are small tangles, however, mats will be shaved off, not yanked out. Mandatory shave-downs will be charged an additional $20-$50 per dog.

Toe Nail Trims

$20 and up

Simple trim $20

If it takes two or more people to trim your dog’s nails, this will be reflected in the price.


$25 and up

Dremeling or Hand-filing the nail

Dremeling of nails starts at $25. There are a lot of dogs out there that cannot tolerate this process. We will clip and hand-file the nails for the same price.